Friday, December 30th, 2011

Where is the Snow?

Apparently there isn’t any.

(ok, maybe not THIS warm)

Our local paper, the Flathead Beacon recently published a story from the Christian Science Monitor by Mark Guarino which tells us that the northern tier of the United States has been decidedly devoid of the white stuff so far this year.

“Although the National Climatic Data Center does not yet have total results for December, it reports that 13 states in the Northeast and the upper Midwest recorded a top-10 warmest November and none had a top-10 coldest November. The month was the 25th warmest in the center’s 117 years of recordkeeping.”

We’re definitely seeing that up here in the Glacier National Park area.  We did get a little last night…and that’s AWESOME!  But it’s certainly not the accumulation we were hoping for.  The good news is that Glacier is more accessible than usual this time of year, and the views of Glacier Park in winter are stunning.

Here’s a nice shot of a beautiful winter day in Glacier from the Park website

And you can check out the park webcams here, for instant gratificiation!

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