What To Wear

Cool/Rainy Day

Sunny Day

rainy_wear sunny_wear


For our daily raft trips in West Glacier, Montana you will want to wear shorts and a t-shirt and shoes that can get wet and stay securely on your feet. For colder weather days you will want to bring along a fleece sweater, wind pants and a hat or beanie. We have splash tops available upon request. We also have wetsuits and neoprene wet socks available when you check in to rent for $10. If the weather requires wetsuits, we will provide them for no additional charge. Make sure you have sunglass retainers as well. You may purchase these and many of the items you need for your raft trip at Glacier Raft Company at the time of check in.

Fly Fishing

Dress according to weather and water conditions. On a warm, sunny day, wear shorts, a synthetic fishing shirt and hat, along with shoes you don’t mind getting wet and that will stay on your feet.
Early season or on cooler days, wool or fleece shirts and hats will make your fishing adventure more enjoyable. Complimentary waders, wading boots and rain gear are available in inclement weather.

What to Bring:

Bring your own fishing equipment if you have it, or Glacier Anglers will provide all necessary equipment. A Montana fishing license is required and is available for purchase at Glacier Outdoor Center.
Glacier Anglers provides Coast Guard approved life jackets for all guided trips.
As a general rule, don’t take anything with you on the river that can’t get wet. If you wear eyeglasses or sunglasses, be sure to bring along a retainer to hold them on (disposable cameras and eyeglass retainers are available for purchase in our store).
Bottled water is good on hot days.
Bring along a towel and dry clothing to change into after the trip but lock it all in your vehicle and leave your car keys in our office for safekeeping.