Thursday, October 27th, 2011

We’re so connected!

Folks up our way (West Glacier), are used to being kinda “out there.” Our local phone company announced recently that they finally got high-speed broadband “up the line.” Until now, we’ve been relying on satellite service, DIAL UP and smoke signals.

Fortunately, GOC has been hooked up for a while at our Hwy 2 office, but at the West Glacier office it’s been all mirrors and semaphore flags.

This will make a huge difference for us, of course. We’ll be able to better communicate with our customers, and it will make it much easier for our back-of-house folks to do that back-of-house stuff that they do.

And Farmville will be soooooooo much faster!

Our own Sally Thompson was in the Flathead Beacon’s story about the big upgrade: Click hereĀ to read it:

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