Trout TV

Trout TV, Fly Fishing Montana, Middle Fork Flathead River

We are proud to be one of Trout TV’s sponsors. Trout TV is a 30 minute network fly-fishing television show travelling the country and beyond in search of unique and attractive destinations to fish for trout and other fish species to film episodes and broadcast to a wide audience. Their goal is to bring insight into the art of fly-fishing, entomology and hydrology as well as conservation and fair-chase ethics to our audience in each 30 minute episode. Their content is educational, humorous, personal, creative and honest and their guides and production crew are seasoned professionals. Trout TV aims to bring our passion for fly fishing home to their viewers.


Here is a little sneak peak of one of their episodes which happens to be on the same river we fish; Middle Fork of the Flathead River.

Trout TV – Middle Fork of the Flathead River from Trout TV on Vimeo.