Monday, March 18th, 2013

Trip of the Week – Great Bear Wilderness Fly Fishing

We’re getting pretty excited about the upcoming summer and want to share our excitement with you. Every week until our season starts, we’ll share one of our river trips with you. So be sure to tune into our blog each week to find out about each of our trips and find the perfect one for you and your friends or family!

Our fifth trip is the Great Bear Wilderness Fly Fishing:


Every once in a while an opportunity floats by that’s just too exciting to pass up. Get ready, this is one of them. We invite you to join us on our 4 to 7 Day Great Bear Wilderness Fly Fishing adventure this summer. No other trip in the lower 48 states compares. This is a fishing experience you will treasure for a lifetime.

In a nation where so many of our great rivers are dammed, their flow regulated by government rather than nature, there’s a special magic about the Upper Middle Fork of the Flathead River. As part of the nation’s Wild and Scenic River System, the Middle Fork is a remote, free-flowing wonder of a river. It’s very rare to see another party on the upper section and the fishing is phenomenal. You’ll see breathtaking scenery, experience fly fishing at its best, enjoy gourmet meals, and share tales of the day around the campfire before crawling into your tent alongside the river.

In 1978, the Great Bear Wilderness Area was established as a corridor linking the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Glacier National Park. The park and wilderness areas combined total approximately 3 million acres, the largest tract of protected lands in the lower contiguous United States. Flowing through the heart of this rugged and beautiful landscape, the Upper Middle Fork of the Flathead River carves its way through the glacial valleys and lush forests of Northwest Montana. Years of hard fought conservation efforts have kept this the most pristine river in the nation. We are proud to be the only Montana outfitter permitted to operate fishing trips on this portion of the Upper Middle Fork.

What to expect 
Until the winter snowpack clears (usually around July 10 th), we fly in by commuter plane. Your trip begins with a panoramic flight over the wilderness area to a remote airstrip along the headwaters of the Flathead River at Schafer Meadows. As the summer season progresses and the river recedes near the headwaters, we access the river at a point where it is navigable via an easy trail. This scenic hike ventures through the beautiful Granite Creek valley and takes about two hours. If you prefer not to hike in, we can arrange to have a horse carry you. Once we reach the river, you’ll spend the remainder of your trip casting to native Westslope cutthroat trout and rainbow trout and camping along the Upper Middle Fork.

The rapids of “Spruce Park Gorge”, “Lunch Creek” and “25-Mile Creek” make this a real adventure. Trips through June experience exciting whitewater, but if you’re looking for some of the best cutthroat fishing in the northwest then it’s best to come after the first week of July through the end of August.

The Upper Middle Fork has a bounty of native Westslope Cutthroat trout as do the high mountain lakes in this area. We will take a short 1½ mile hike into one of these mountain-cradled, crystal blue lakes. The lakes hold Yellowstone Cuttroat that can get as big as 20 inches and weigh up to 3 lbs. On the river it’s not uncommon to pull in fish over 16 inches. You may catch something else, too – a glimpse of a deer, moose, elk, mountain goat, or eagle. There’s a lot of wildlife in this backcountry.

Custom group trips 
If you’re interested in an exclusive fishing trip, we can customize an itinerary for your group. We typically hold group sizes to around six. For every two customers we have one guide. Our emphasis is on providing a wonderful experience – fishing, camping, rafting, hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. Our agenda is subject to change due to trail conditions, weather, water levels and group interests. One thing is certain: you and your friends will find much to enjoy on this remote wilderness adventure.

What to bring
We recommend a 5 weight/9 foot rod or smaller with a weight forward floating line, several leaders (4x or 5x leaders work well), and a good variety of western trout patterns including the Chubby Chernobyl in pink or purple, Army’s Ant in natural or black, red and yellow Humpies, Royal Wulff, caddis patterns (especially the Elk Hair), Parachute Adams and Stimulators.

Although much of the fishing is from a boat, you may want to throw in your waders. If you have questions on what to bring or if you prefer to pick up gear when you arrive in Montana, we have a full service fly shop to assist you. A Montana fishing license is required prior to trip departure. You can purchase one at Glacier Outdoor Center.

This is a “wild” river and as its classification implies it should not be taken lightly. We recommend you be in good physical condition for this trip and be prepared for some breathtaking moments. You’ll leave feeling tired but rejuvenated after having spent several days deep in the heart of Montana’s most remote wilderness. Grab the opportunity!

All fishing trips depart from Glacier Outdoor Center. Check in 30 minutes prior to trip departure.

A Montana Fishing License is required for Daily Fly Fishing Trips. Licenses can be purchased at Glacier Outdoor Center prior to departure.

Due to the constraints involved with wilderness travel, we ask that you limit your baggage to 40 lbs. per person. This trip is available to adults over 16 years of age only prior to July 1, and 12 years of age after July 1.

Departs: 8:30am Time varies depending on hike/flight schedule.
Adult: $695 per person per day
Gear Boat included
Price does not include 7% service fee.
Trip Length: 4-7 days
Departure Dates: Available by request July through mid-August
River Rating: class III-IV 
River Miles: 22-23 miles
Age Limit: Mature 12 (dependent on weather and water conditions)
License: $25 for 2-day license (includes required Montana Conservation License and State Lands License)
$15 for additional 2-day license.
$60 for season license.

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