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Top 5 Reasons to Take Your Kids Rafting

Reasons You Should Take Your Kids Rafting with Glacier Raft Co.

We have said it once and we will say it again, a family-friendly rafting trip through Glacier National Park is one of the most special things you can experience as a family. White water rafting with your kids at Glacier National Park is an experience you don’t want to pass up.

Glacier Raft Company has been guiding families down the Middle Fork of the Flathead River for the past 46 years, creating generations of memories. While visiting Glacier National Park, taking your kids on a rafting trip is a great activity the whole family will enjoy. Depending on water conditions, some of our trips are suitable for children as young as two years old! 

Need more convincing? Here are five reasons why you should take your kids rafting in Glacier National Park.

1. Safe Activity

rafting with kids in glacier national park


Safety is the number one priority at Glacier Raft Company. Glacier Raft Company’s guides are trained to navigate the river and have swift water rescue and first aid/CPR certifications. We provide every child and adult with the appropriate safety gear depending on what trip they choose to do.  Starting in July, the water levels come down from the spring thaw allowing younger children to enjoy a scenic float along the border of Glacier National Park and jump into the river for a swim on those hot summer days. Older kids might enjoy our whitewater trip with eight miles of splashy action. No experience is necessary.  We will teach you everything you need to know to get down the river in a fun and safe way.

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2. No Electronics

family with kids having fun rafting


Disconnect and reconnect with your kids.  There is no internet or cell service on the river.  Rafting is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with the ones you love by living in the moment, surrounded by one of the most beautiful places in the United States.

3. Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Kids Enjoying Rafting with family


Rafting can strengthen your heart, mind, and muscles.  Active paddling encourages you to engage your core and upper body as you go down the river. The fresh air from nature reduces stress and anxiety for you and your kids.  Many people say just five minutes of sunshine can boost anyone’s mood. Imagine what a few hours can do. 

4. Independence and Teamwork

Kids Rafting with Glacier Raft Co.


Paddling down the river takes the entire crew, including your kid, to get to the finish line. Gain confidence by overcoming obstacles, learning to trust, listen, and face your fears in a controlled environment. When you finish, walk back from the river with pride because you just navigated eight miles of class II and III rapids!

5. Making Memories

family rafting with glaicer raft co


Ultimately, you take a family vacation to make memories and have fun. There is no better way to bond than spending a few hours on a beautiful river enjoying the sunshine and views. From the guides’ corny jokes and the water fights between boats to plowing through a wave train, you will smile because of a moment that gave you joy. After your trip, purchase the photos from your adventure so you can look back on the memories made that day.



When you’re ready to book your kid-friendly white water rafting trip, we hope you’ll consider joining Glacier Raft Company. Our attention to detail along with a strong emphasis on safety, experience, and customer service make us the perfect match for your family or group whitewater rafting experience. 



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