Sunday, April 10th, 2011

The Window is Wide Open

There is a window of time after ice-out and before runoff when the rivers in Glacier Country are fishing really well.  The window is open now…and if you know where to go and how to hit it, the Middle Fork of the Flathead is delivering better than a FedEx man on rocket boosters.

In the past week, guides Steve and Marc, along with Trout TV host Rich Birdsell got into what we in the biz call “real nice fish.”

This is the real deal–a 15-pound bull trout caught on a size 12 prince nymph.  Good thing Steve-o has been working out–otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to hold this beast for a proper grin-n-grip photo.

Lift with your legs, Steve.

This thing could eat a dog. But it chose a size 12 prince instead.

Of course there are a lot more fish in the river.  And the fellas found them.

Come fishing with us!  And don’t worry about missing the window–just call us and we’ll tell you about some fishing options available even during runoff.   Don’t let our guides hog all the fun.

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