Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Thank You “Red” and “Yellow”

Somebody once said that you can get a long way by going one mile at time. Seems like pretty sage advice. Turns out you can go quite a distance if you do it in short trips.

Cruising on Highway 2 from West Glacier up the Middle Fork to the river put in, our legendary Red and Yellow Vans added up to more than 234,000 miles on the odometers. Our epic workhorse vans witnessed the real lives of raft guides on the river in NW Montana for decades.  The vans may be just machines, but they were part of the family, and they have provided us with a lot of memories.  We’re talking about 30 years of hard working, hard driving, and crazy living.

Red and Yellow

“Those vans have seen everything. There’s not a guide that doesn’t have some story of an adventure in the Red or the Yellow,” says former whitewater and fishing guide Shane Hutcheson. When pressed for deets, all we got was “Uh, no comment…”

Sadly, the Red and Yellow have made their last adventure. This week they made their final journey, leaving the river behind and offering up the ultimate sacrifice at the recycling center.

We wish good rides to our friends. Your next journey is more than the infinite loop you ran for us for 30+ years. You have taken so many people a very long ways, and we will miss you, you big ol’ hunks of steel and junk.

Goodbye old friends

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