Monday, May 10th, 2010

Spring Essentials

I’m sure you caught our Holiday Gift Guide over Christmas as it probably saved the day on your last-minute stocking stuffers. Well, we are back with a great shopping list for Spring at the Glacier Outdoor Center. We’re all getting the itch to get outside, dusting off our waders, pumping up the old bike tires and preparing to expose those legs to the sun. But you’re probably going to need a few things to augment your camping expedition or afternoon of fishing. Don’t sweat it–jump in your rig and head up to the Glacier Outdoor Center. We’ve got you covered.

Montana Fly Co River Camo Accessories

1. Montana Fly Company River Camo Accessories–Montana Fly has introduced a new line of fishing accessories, which includes tackle boxes, nippers, reels, phone covers, and scissors to  get you started right this season. At least you’ll look good.

MT Fly Box with Chous Fortun Cookie Fly, Berrys Dirty Bunny, and the True Fly Skwalla

2. Montana Fly … again. Here is a  River Camo Tackle box with Chouse Fortune Cookie Streamer, Berrus Dirty Bunny and the True Fly Skwalla-is a surefire way to nab the big one.

Stohlquist Descent Rescue Pack

3. The Stohlquist Descent Rescue Pack is a must-have for anyone looking for an active paddling PFD. With all the bells and whistles, this innovative vest has been extensively tested and has all features necessary for a River Rescue Pack. A necessity for the ultimate river adventurer.

[/caption]4. Chaco Z1 Pro Sandal- Without the binding toe piece this open-toe sandal is perfect for water socks or neoprene booties. Also, with this new Vibram Marine Outsole this sandal has a slip-resistant nonmarking outsole created to reduce slipping on the rocks.

Chaco Z1 Pro5. Smith Maverick Polarized Sunglasses- A must to protect your retinas from the water’s glare.

Kleen Kanteen

6. Kleen Kanteen-No Taste Retention- Do you want to drink your coffee in the morning, but don’t feel like tasting the grounds on your hike the next day? I know — Gross! So buy Kleen Kanteen no retention water bottle and…voila! Problem solved.

[caption id="attachment_1155" align="aligncenter" width="199"] Dermatone Sunscreen

7. Dermotone Sunscreen-Do we really need to remind you the importance of sunscreen? No, but you always need some and we’ve got it here at GOC.

Simms Bug Blocker

8. Simms Bug Blocker Shirt- Prevent unsightly sunburn and massive mosquito welts by wrapping yourself in this innovative shirt. The folks at Simms have thought of everything. You don’t even need to remember to apply deodorant because with the anti-odor management built into the shirt to avoid musky-ness. Hmm…this shirt might be a standard issued uniform for raft guides…

NRS Rogue Gloves

9. NRS Waterproof Rouge gloves–  This glove is designed for the early-season paddler looking for warmth and a grippy pattern on the palm to give a sturdy hold in any watersport. This flexible glove is a must for spring in Montana — no numb fingers here.

Simms Freestone Boot

10. The Simms Freestone Boot-Streamtread offers an affordable price and all the comfort and dependability you need in a boot. Don’t slip around on the rocks or get caught with cold feet.

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