Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Snowshoe Magazine Visits Glacier Outdoor Center

Courtesy: Ryan Alford

Ryan Alford, the owner of Snowshoe Magazine, who spent a fabulous weekend with us a few weeks back published his article about his experience in Glacier National Park. Ryan had a beautiful sunny weekend touring Glacier Park with us on snowshoes. He also learned about global climate change and Glacier’s Centennial Celebration this year with Kass Hardy at GNPS headquarters, ate local food, drank Montana beer, slept in one of our cozy cabins and experienced our way of life! It was a pleasure having him and we LOVE the article. Here are a few excerpts:

From Snowshoe Mag: I was on a search for the true Montana – one of the last American wilderness areas that the masses have yet to alter or manipulate.  Although I wasn’t able to cover the majority of Glacier National Park’s more than one million acres on snowshoes, I was well satisfied with the meager 18 miles that I checked-off on my “list of things to do before dying.” Among the turquoise lakes, creeks and rivers, I found myself feeling some frustration: It had taken me 33 years to gain an acquaintance with one of Mother Earth’s greatest treasures. Established in 1910, the Park is a memorial to a planet once unharmed by human dominion and sprawl. I was there to pay homage by snowshoeing among the wilds of a protected land and honor the Park’s Centennial commemoration.

Hosting my two-day, three-night excursion was the Glacier Outdoor Center, a charming outfitter and rafting company with 10 log cabins adorning its property. Owners Darwon Stoneman, Sally Thompson and Onno Weiranga recently began offering guided snowshoe trips. During the summer, the family-friendly Center is bustling with guests who are eager to whitewater raft and fly fish. Nonetheless, this is a primary launching point for a number of year-round activities throughout Glacier National Park.


I would also have the pleasure of visiting several villages and towns that dot the landscape to the northeast of the Kalispell populous. After a short United Airlines flight from Denver to Glacier International Airport (located near the outskirts of Kalispell), I found myself enjoying a pint of Moose Drool Brown Ale at a local bar/restaurant called Packer’s Roost in the village of Coram. This colorful watering hole is frequented by a gaggle of genuine mountain men and women. This would represent my first encounter with authentic Montana: organic, unrefined and completely appealing.

Ryan went on a guided snowshoe trip with guide Karston Karlson along McDonald Creek and with guide Marc Evans up Scalplock Lookout.


From Snowshoe Mag: For the entire day, not a soul made an appearance on the trail – with the exception of a few Mule Deer. We seemed to be the only humans exploring the mountain that day. When we reached the open ridge near the top of Scalplock, the snow was deeper and more difficult to trudge through. It seemed like a logical place to stop for lunch and enjoy the panoramic views of Snowslip Mountain and surrounding peaks.

Thanks again Ryan! Look forward to having you come back again sometime! To read the rest of the article follow this link:

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