Multi-Day Rafting & Fishing Suggested Packing List

It is important to remember that Montana weather can be very unpredictable. When you pack, assume the air temperature can vary from 30 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The best way to be prepared for these extremes is to have lots of layers, not just one big coat. Keep in mind that having the right gear can make the difference in having the wonderful experience you anticipate or a very chilling one. As a minimum you should invest in a good set of rain gear, jacket and pants. Other required clothing is a set of midweight long underwear, top and bottom. Avoid cotton; you need one of the synthetics like poly-pro, capilene, polar fleece or pile. These materials are designed to keep you warm even when wet. Cotton is a wonderful, natural fiber, but even on a warm day you will be freezing if you get splashed or wet.

Glacier Raft Company Provides:

Transportation from our office to wherever your specific trip begins.
Meals – from lunch the first day through lunch the last day.
Waterproof bags for your personal gear (one large dry bag per person, not accessible during day).
There will be a small dry bag on each boat that is accessible during the day for small personal items (rain gear, sunscreen, camera, hat, etc.).
River equipment including rafts and accessories.
Coast Guard approved Type V life jackets.
Water resistant camera boxes (ammo cans).

What Clothing to Bring:

Waterproof rain jacket and pants (ponchos or vinyl raingear NOT acceptable)
Wetsuit or drysuit (if you have your own you may want to bring it; wetsuits are not usually necessary if you have the recommended clothing. Wetsuits may be required on the 4-day Wilderness Trips & are provided at no charge.) *
Lightweight jacket (fleece or pile)
1-2 T shirts
1 light-long sleeve shirt (sun protection)
1 set synthetic thermal underwear top and bottom (midweight) *
1 pair pants (used while in camp)
1 pair fleece or pile pants (used while on river)
2 pair shorts (1 for river/1 for camp)
Swim suit
Wool or poly pro socks
1 pair camp shoes (used for around camp & short hikes)
1 pair river shoes (water sport sandals with straps, ex. Chaco, Keen, Teva, wetsuit booties, old tennis shoes)
2 hats (1 for sun protection/ 1 for warmth)
1 pair gloves (fleece, wool, or neoprene) *

Miscellaneous Gear to Bring:

Sleeping bag and pad (bring your own if possible; we have a limited number available at no extra charge)
Wash cloth & towel
Small camp pillow
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Soap & shampoo (biodegradable or Ivory Soap)
Sunscreen, chapstick, body lotion, insect repellent
Sunglasses & eye glass retention strap
Plastic sack for soiled/wet clothing
Flashlight or headlamp (bring extra batteries)
Water bottle or canteen
Small day backpack or fanny pack
Camera, film, binoculars (We have water resistant containers to store these items in, but you will still want to have a protective/padded case to use inside of this container. Waterproof disposable cameras, film, and batteries are available for purchase at Glacier Outdoor Center.)
Any special beverages or snacks (cans or plastic bottles)

Fishing Gear to Bring:

Fly Rod or Spinning rod (9′ 4-5wt 4pc fly rod or light action 2 pc.spinning outfit, make sure they are in an unbreakable case for transportation) (Rental available)
Flies or spinners (Western trout patterns like Wulffs, Caddis, Stoneflies, Humpies & Hoppers or spinners like Mepps, Cyclones, & Panther martins. Glacier Outdoor Center has an excellent selection of local fly and lure patterns available for purchase.) The Flathead rivers are Catch & Release; your hooks should be single and barbless (NO BAIT ALLOWED).
Extra leaders, tippet or line (9′ 4x or 5x, 4-6lb test)
Fly floatant, hemostats, line nippers
Fishing vest or chest pack
Stockingfoot waders and felt wading boots (only necessary in early spring or fall) felt soled sandals during summer. (Rental available) *
Montana fishing license (available at Glacier Outdoor Center; children under 14 don’t need a license if fishing with an adult who has a license.)
Bring your ID
Polarized sunglasses
Wide brimmed breathable hat

Printable Packing List

* Items may not be necessary during warmer summer months
All items on this list are available for purchase at Glacier Outdoor Center.