Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

GRC’s Favorite GNP Hikes

Sometimes it can be hard to leave West Glacier in the heat of the season but many of us do get time off every now-and-then.  One of our favorite things to do is explore Glacier National Park.  There’s nothing like a great getaway after a week of hard work.

Guide Siri Wieringa’s favorite hike is Scenic Point in the Two Medicine Valley

two medicine glacier park scenic point

Guide Rainer Kenney’s favorite day hike is Avalanche Lake (this might be everyones favorite!)

avalanche lake glacier park

Reservationist Kelsey McDonough’s favorite hike is Apgar Lookout.  She says it is something she see from the office everyday and was so excited to get to finally hike it this summer.

apgar lookout glacier park lake mcdonald

Guides Chris Pratt and Fred Terranova took a backpacking trip though Boulder Pass last fall and both said it was like nothing that had ever experienced.

boulder pass glacier park

Office manager Kali Tholen really enjoyed the view from Numa Ridge Lookout.

numa ridge lookout glacier park

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