Friday, July 22nd, 2011

GOC Lends Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation A Hand…and a Boat

The Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation is one of our favorite¬† non-profits. This group “is dedicated to restoring and preserving the trail system and wilderness values in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.” The BMWF has been around for 15 years and it does an incredible amount of work in “The Bob” on trail maintenance and weed eradication by working with the US Forest Service, individual volunteers and generous donors. So, we do our part by providing the raft support needed to get out of Granite Cabin on the Upper Middle Fork when the BMWF has a crew working there.

Every year, a crew of volunteers with the BMWF hikes the six miles into Granite Cabin, which sits right above the Upper Middle Fork river below Schafer Meadows. The crew of volunteers spends a few days working out of Granite cabin before we come along with some rafts and float them out them 17 miles out to Bear Creek. It is always a great day spent for us as we get to catch up with the BMWF and reward this hard working crew with a scenic float on one of the most amazing and beautiful stretches of the Middle Fork river. We provide the guides, boats, life jackets and wetsuits for the crew. The work crew is headed into Granite Cabin this morning, so we’ll look forward to seeing them in a few days!

For more information about the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation visit: — check them out, they are a great crew with an abundance of volunteer opportunities available.

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