Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

GOC Buses: Get Stoked Before You Get Soaked

Glacier Raft Company rolls out in some very  classy buses. If ever a bus was more than a bus, it’s now.  These vehicles are very vital to your whitewater rafting adventure. Without them, we couldn’t get you to the put-in very efficiently.  And without them we WOULDN’T  be up a creek. Also, we were the first local raft company to use a school bus and make this claim; “We are the pioneers of buses on the Middle Fork.” Yep!

Anyway, a lot of these buses are backed with history and interesting tidbits that we thought we’d share.

This gem is called the “Sasquatch Bus” and in its prior life was a bus used in Utah by the Wasatch Powder Guides. It still has its original paint job!  Retro righteous.

The Sasquatch Bus taking in a nice view of Glacier Park

Below, is the “Mountain Bus. ” This baby ain’t afraid of anything. Don’t judge it by its short stature.  The Mountain Bus was purchased on the east side of the mountains in Augusta, MT.  It has blown hrough two feet of mud in the Great Bear Wilderness and sailed along the Canadian Border road past Polebridge’s glorious pot holes.

Mountain Bus

This is the “Rasta Bus” and yes, we painted it those colors. Perhaps there is a bit of a post-paintjob remorse? No, this bus is solid up and down. (Especially up and and down Hwy. 2) and is a crowd favorite.

Rasta Bus

We used to have an old prison bus that has since moved on to a better life.  And, the flat-nosed buses in our fleet came from the Utah Corrections Facility.  Ah, if those buses could talk…!

So, if you see one of our colorful buses on the highway, wave and know that the people in there are headed to or returning from an epic adventure. Climb aboard one of our classic buses for a ride of a lifetime!  Oh, and it’s fun when you get to the river, too.

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