Fishing & Raft Rentals

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Glacier Outdoor Center is your one-stop-shop for Glacier National Park raft rentals and fishing gear rentals and the expert advice to go with them! We all love our own gear but sometimes there’s a reason to get out and explore when you’re away from home, or maybe you just forgot a much-needed piece of equipment before heading out to the river. Either way, we can rent you whatever gear you need plus accessories to boot. Whether you plan your trip in advance or get a spontaneous wild hair, rent what you need right here at Glacier Outdoor Center. Come see us just outside the West Entrance of Glacier National Park, ½ mile west on U.S Highway 2!

Fly Fishing Rentals & Gear

Fishing Rentals and Gear Per Day
Stockingfoot waders $15
Wading Boots $10
Fly Rod $25
Spinning Rod $20

Raft Rentals & Gear

Glacier Raft Rentals (All boat rentals include life jackets, paddles and a top off pump) Per Day
14′ Oar Raft $250
6 Person Paddle Raft $200
1-person inflatable kayak $85
2-person inflatable kayak $100
Farmer John wetsuit & booties $15
Booties only $5
Life Jacket $5
Dry bag (large) $8
Helmet $5
River toilet system (2 wag bag per day included) $20