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Find a great deal with our selection of used rafts for sale. We also have new rafts, kayaks and rafting gear here at Glacier Outdoor Center. When we replace our rafts, gear and accessories, we sell the used items at a significantly discounted rate. Naturally, the quantity and selection varies (but the quality is always good). You can always ask when and if we have any used boats and rafts for sale or if we have a line on a used item you’re after. We’ll gladly help you if we can.


2020 New AIRE Boat List*
14 foot Super Duper PumaGreen$4,09910 Year warranty
143DRed$4,79910 Year warranty
Tributary 14 HD Р2 ThwartsBlue$3,0995 Year warranty
*Buy any new boat and receive 10% off frames and accessories

*If you do not see the style or color in stock, we can order it and have it shipped within a week if the color is available.

*Additional Thwarts are $275 each.