Monday, February 8th, 2010

Glacier Outdoor Center Featured in The Missoulian

It was fun to take The Missoulian reporter Michael Jamison on a recent snowshoe trip in Glacier National Park.  He did a great article about the excursion.  He started the piece with a poetic description of what you’ll find on one of these trips:

From Michael Jamison of The Missoulian:

A filigree of paper-thin ice edges McDonald Creek, knit by patient months of cold and quiet, Mother Nature’s delicate lacework finely wrought in winter white. Above, great pillows of snow slide silent into dark and ancient forests. Red cedar and hemlock, spruce and black cottonwood, the great bare boles of larch dwarfed by soaring summits. Beneath, swirling currents of glacial blue fall down, laughing over lips of black rock, pouring smooth sheets of liquid winter into frosty, frothing pools.
There is no other sound, no other life – just the tracks of those who came before. Deer and otter, squirrel and ermine, snowshoe hare. A raven watches. Snow creaks underfoot.

You can read the rest of the article by clicking here.

photo by Michael Jamison/The Missoulian

This is our second season offering guided trips inside the Park, and it’s going great!  The custom excursions include numerous trail options and varying degrees of difficulty.  Glacier Outdoor Center’s guides are certified in Avalanche Safety Level II and trained by the National Ski Patrol in Outdoor Emergency Care and Mountain Travel. Our guides are local industry veterans who share information about regional wildlife, vegetation, history, glaciations and winter backcountry conditions as well as provide cross-country ski and snowshoe instruction.

We hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the Glacier Centennial before all the crowds come–give us a call–we’d love to show you what Michael Jamison saw first-hand!

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