Monday, August 14th, 2017

Glacier National Park’s Top 10 Instagram Posts of 2017

A collage of Glacier Parks top images on Instagram


There’s some tough competition in Glacier National Park photography. With so much beauty in every direction, how do your best shots get noticed? To help you out we sifted through 18 million likes and 50,293 posts to find the most liked for 2017!


 1. Mt Rockwell and Sinopah Mountain reflected in Cobalt Lake.


Photo by @materas and then regramed by @natgeo | 395k likes.


2. Lake McDonald Pier


Photo by @jonathan_irish and then regramed by @natgeo | 377k likes.


3. Mountain Magic


Photo by @travisburkephotography and then regramed by @earthpix | 311k likes.


4. McDonald Falls


Photo by @jonathan_irish and then regramed by @natgeo | 303k likes.


5. Paddling Glacier


Photo by @electroniccat and then regramed by @gopro | 281k likes.


6. Saint Mary Lake and Wild Goose Island


Photo by @Spono and then regramed by @NatGeoTravel | 277k likes!


7. Zuckerberg meets the Bark Ranger!


Photo by @Zuck | 117k Likes


8. A cold rush of blood to the heart.


Photo by @Chrisburkard | 105kLikes


9. Words don’t do it Justice


Photo by @usinterior | 83K Likes


10. Biking Going-to-the-Sun Road


Photo by @alexstrohl| 78k Likes


The data included in this post was scraped from the location tag for Glacier National Park on dating back to August 2016. Instagram has not expressed any permission to use the included data.

All data was aggregated and analyzed for the purpose of making the world more aware of Glacier National Park’s Beauty. The above data displays a snapshot of this information for users posting under the location of Glacier National Park.


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