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#1 Guide to Visiting Glacier National Park in Winter

Glacier National Park in winter is spectacular. There is something about the snow that makes this national park magical. Snow makes the place quiet. Mountain peaks show off their white dresses.  The crowds disappear, and there are many fun winter activities to enjoy. We know winter is the prime time to visit the park, so we have put together a guide to Glacier National Park in the winter to help you make the most out of your winter vacation.


Snowshoeing Glacier National Park

Snowshoeing Glacier National Park


Snow shuts down most of the roads throughout the park in the wintertime. Apgar Village and Lake McDonald Lodge are still accessible. A great inexpensive activity is Snowshoeing. Rentals are available at Glacier Outdoor Center for only 20 dollars a day! Putting on a pair of snowshoes is easy as putting on sneakers, and it takes about five steps to get the hang of walking around.

Cross Country Skiing Glacier National Park

skiing glacier national park


Another fun way to get around the park is with a pair of cross country skis. Glide across the trails and explore the many paths from Apgar Village and Lake McDonald Lodge. You can find cross-country ski rentals at Glacier Cyclery & Nordic, located in Whitefish, Montana.

Whether you choose to explore Glacier National Park by snowshoes or cross country skiing, there is ample snow and opportunities to explore different parts of the park. The adventures are endless with waterfalls, lakes, forests, and even local wildlife. As you hike or ski through Glacier National Park this winter, take a moment to stop, be still, and listen to the sounds of the park. It will be one of the most peaceful moments you will ever experience.

Safety is essential as you embark on your park adventures. Learn to recognize dangerous weather conditions and carry rescue equipment, including shovels, probe poles, and transceivers. You can get the latest assessments of avalanche conditions at or by calling (406) 257-8402.

Temperatures can drop below freezing quickly in the park. Hypothermia and frostbite are your most significant threats in the wintertime. Drink liquids, stay dry, wear layers, bring and eat snacks, and carry survival gear. Confusion and drowsiness are the most obvious signs of hypothermia. Frostbite can occur on any exposed skin.

Avoid approaching or startling any animals or birds, and never feed the wildlife. Also, leave no trace and take your trash with you. You are in bear country so proceed with caution.

Winter Hiking

glacier national park winter


Explore and enjoy the beautiful trails inside Glacier National Park. Trail passes are not needed, but an entry ticket to the park is required. You can purchase a seven-day pass to visit Glacier National Park for $25. Most common trails are packed down and easy to follow, but they are not groomed.

  • McDonald Falls (4 miles round trip) easy/moderate
  • Sacred Dancing Cascade (5.3 miles round trip) easy/moderate
  • Avalanche Picnic Area (11.6 miles round trip) moderate/difficult
  • Lower Mcdonald Creek (2-3 miles round trip) easy/moderate
  • Rocky Point (6 miles round trip) easy/moderate
  • Apgar Lookout (10.5 miles round trip) difficult

The trails are not always marked, so having a map is a great idea. Download the brochure to see more!

Glacier Outdoor Center

glacier outdoor center

Need somewhere to stay while you visit Glacier National Park this winter?  Glacier Outdoor Center has the perfect base camp for your winter fun in the park.  The one-bedroom cabin can sleep up to six people and is equipped with a full kitchen to refuel for your next adventure.  Connect and share your experiences with free wifi and end the night watching your favorite shows with satellite TV.  

Now that you are ready to explore Glacier National Park this winter, we hope you stop by the Glacier Outdoor Center and say hello!  We have great souvenirs to commemorate your visit and any last-minute items you may have forgotten on your way here. Happy Trails!


If you haven’t already, visiting Glacier National Park during winter is beautiful.  Check out our Glacier National Park lodging and stay in one of our beautiful west glacier cabins where you can relax after a day of exploring winter exploring and wake up refreshed for another adventure!


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