Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Glacier Anglers in Flyfish Magazine

Some say Glacier Raft Co/Glacier Anglers co-owner Darwon Stoneman is way too dang lucky.  Whether it’s hunting season or fishing season, he always bags the big one.  The thing is, he’s lucky so often that there’s a chance that there could be a bit of skill involved as well.

March came in like a fluffy, warm little lamb on Monday, so Darwon and guide Marc Evans hit the river with a few good friends.  Former guide Bryan Anderson rowed Darwon into a honey hole that delivered big time.  Yep, that’s another monster.  Check out the great pictures taken by Marc.

Bryan wrote about the day in this blog post featured in Flyfish Magazine.

Here’s an excerpt from the Flyfish Magazine blog post:

The morning started out with heavy valley fog that burned away by noon to reveal bright skies and the snow-capped Rockies. Throughout the day, layers came off as the sun became hot on our backs. In equal intervals the layers went back on and a good winter coat came in handy as the sun eventually left and kept us wishing for July and a pair of flip flops.

The cutthroats here in the Flathead River are developing spawning colors and getting ready to make their annual trip to the tributary streams that surround Glacier National Park. The idea is to intercept those fish before the pilgrimage begins. When the timing is right, you’ll see sizable average fish in decent numbers.

Although we did see two fish rise to something on the surface, a dry fly never hit the water. In the end, MFC’s streamers and nymphs worked well and brought nice fish to the boat. We pulled the Flathead Trifecta–cutthroat, rainbow and bull trout. With the run in its infancy, there are most certainly better days to come.

You can read the rest of the post and see more of Marc’s pics by clicking here.

We’re lucky to live where we live, but we’re excited to share it…so start planning your fishing adventures with us!  Also, we’ve got great deals on fishing gear including rods, reels, flies, fly boxes and more in the fly shop at Glacier Outdoor Center.  And we’ll see if we can talk Darwon into letting some of his luck rub off on you!

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