Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Get in Shape for Nordic Season

Well, it is November–that weird time of year for anxious skiers. It is getting cold, but the snow hasn’t quite fallen low enough for us to go out and enjoy. So we wait, hibernate, wax our skis and get a little twitchy. It’s the perfect time to ramp up your pre-season workouts, and we’ve found a few good resources on how best to get into Nordic shape.  It’s a good distraction, and you’ll feel great when the snow in December does finally roll in.

Here are a few tips we’ve pulled from several different resources. Just follow the link highlighted on each one to read the full article.

1. We started by Googling “how to get into good Nordic shape” and this came up from e-How:

  • Work on your endurance levels by taking up running or joining a spinning class. Cross country skiing makes high demands on your cardiovascular system, particularly if you are skiing at a faster pace. Cardio exercise will help to increase your body’s ability to take in and use oxygen more efficiently.
  • Pick up some weights and work on weight training your large muscle groups in your arms and chest. Because poles play a large part in the activity of cross country skiing, it is important to build muscle mass for strength and keep your biceps, triceps and other arm and chest muscles in shape

2. Then from a blog search, I found a blog called, The Brave Ski Mom, and she highlighted gym exercises for the “15 Minute Nordic Skiing Workout.” I especially like the Scissor Jump for punishment after my second Oreo:

  • This exercise starts in the lunge position.  As you leave this position, you jump into the air, scissor your legs into opposite positions and lunge.  Basically, you go from a right-leg forward lunge to a left-leg forward lunge, by switching your legs in mid-air.

3. Then according to an ezine article I found, the author stresses cardio as the key ingredient to getting your legs in shape.

  • Choose cardio exercises that simulate skiing, whenever possible. For cardio, cross-country ski machines and slide-boards are two good choices.

4. Finally, our own Whitefish Mountain Resort has created an on-going series of  tips called,  “Ski Conditioning with Holly” to get everyone  ready for the chairlift to start turning. Yes, this ideally for downhill skiing, but I figure, it can’t hurt to incorporate these great tips into our Nordic plan.

  • …we will increase the challenge by working on unstable surfaces.  Skiing requires that we constantly fine tune our balance and position while our legs are loaded so lets mimic that by working on balance pods or a bosu. Standing on two balance pods with your feet hip width apart, perform your squats with the same form of dropping your behind to the back and your knees aligning over your feet.  This can also be done standing on a bosu ball.

I’ve also found that it is totally normal in my household to lunge to and from the fridge, bathroom and garage. I  know that every little bit helps to keep the burning quad sensation at bay when I first put on my skis.

I hope this helps in getting you motivated to take advantage of this pre-ski season time to build your endurance and level of fitness up enough to thoroughly enjoy the upcoming season. I think it is going to be a good one!

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Those darn second oreos…Happy skiing!

  2. I forgot to mention, my website has moved and has been updated. The Nordic Workout is at the new site. Here is the link. If you have a moment and can update your link, I would appreciate it! Thanks!


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