Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Fun on the Fly Wrap Up

This past Saturday Glacier Anglers hosted its first Fun on the Fly youth fly fishing day camp.  Here is a recap of the great day these kids had.  And don’t miss out next Fun on the Fly Youth Fly Fishing Day Camp June 30! The event starts at 10am for youth ages 6-16.  $69 including all equipment and lunch!

Glacier Anglers guides Mitch and Chad headed to the Fly Shop around 10am to meet the kids.  Once all 9 arrived,  we took an awesome group photo and then headed up to the Pavilion to begin our adventure for the day.

At the Pavilion we spent the morning learning about knots, entomology, river safety and the basics of the fly rod.  For lunch we grilled burgers and brats and got a fire started to warm all those little hands and toes.  After lunch,  we took off to the private ponds for an afternoon of casting instruction and catching a bunch of beautiful fish.

The afternoon was filled with laughter and smiles while running around netting multiple fish for all.  Friendships were made and fishing stories were formed.  Glacier Anglers was happy to have Delaney, Ella, Austin, Merik, Michael, Taylor, Trevor, Ezra and Alex come out for our first Fun on the Fly and hope to see them all on the water this summer with a fly rod in hand!


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