Flathead River Fishing Report

Flathead River Fishing Report, Flathead River Fishing Trips

Middle Fork of the Flathead River Fishing Report

Date: June 26th, 2016

It is finally looking like summer in West Glacier, Montana.  The rivers have dropped and cleared, the bear grass is in full bloom, and the deer have regrown their antlers.  Most importantly, the Cutthroat are crushing dry flies like it’s their job!  Stonefly season is in full swing, and the fish are taking full advantage of all the food sources available after a long winter.  The Middle Fork has been very productive over the past couple of weeks as the Cutthroat have moved back down out of the tributaries post-spawn.  This means they are hungry and eager!  Big attractor dries are producing great results, but pay attention to the bugs flying around. Matching the hatch will reward you with not only more fish, but larger and wiser fish who aren’t always fooled by a Chubby Chernobyl.  Be on the lookout for fish keying in on Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, Green and Grey Drakes, Caddis (olive, tan, orange,) and PMD’s.  And, as always, stop by the shop for a full selection of flies and the most up to date reports.

Flathead River Fishing Report, Glacier Anglers


North Fork of the Flathead River Fishing Report

Date: June 26th, 2016

The North Fork always takes a little longer to shape up after runoff than the Middle, but its time has come. The North Fork is putting up some impressive numbers, as well as holding some nice sized fish.  The sections North of Big Creek are a favorite this time of year, as a lot of spawn-sized fish have moved back out of the creeks into the clean, cold waters of the upper river.  The hatches will follow right along with the Middle Fork, and don’t skip over the slack water.  We find a lot of large Cutthroat hanging in the long flats of the North Fork this time of year while the water is still cold.  Still water with lots of bugs is a prime spot to put on some weight before the heat of late summer.
Flathead River Fishing Report, Glacier Raft Company