Friday, January 13th, 2012

Fewer People = More Room for You!

Glacier National Park has reported that the 2011 visitor figures dropped by about 15% from last year. Although we’re never happy to hear that kind of news (Glacier Outdoor Center is right outside the western entrance to the Park, so that means fewer folks visiting us too!), we also know when to appreciate the good side of news too.

First of all, 15% lower than 2010, which was an all-time record high in visitation, so let’s keep our perspective, right?And even at the reduced number, there were still 1.85 million people visiting this gorgeous Park. That’s a lotta folks!

And secondly, knowing this information now means we can get on the ball in encouraging everyone around the world to book their 2012 Glacier vacations now!   So, come on out! Plan a trip to Glacier.  There’s plenty of room for everybody!

If you need more of the eye-candy we posted here, check out the photo gallery on the Park site, where we got these pics. You’ll be packing your bags by nightfall…

And, of course, you can find all sorts of good stuff on our website, and we are here and ready to help you with all of your vacation planning. Need lodging- we got it. Need whitewater – we know just where it is. Need fishing – yep, we’ll take you.  Give us a ring  or an electronic poke and we’ll schedule a great adventure for you.

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