Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Fall Fishing Trips

It’s been an epic fishing season on the Middle and North Forks of the Flathead River.  The early runoff and resulting lower water levels brought hatches rarely seen in the system and the longer than normal growing season has allowed the fish to fatten up nice and healthy heading into the fall season. Fall is a special time to be on the Flathead.  The fish migrate downstream and take up residence in the larger, deeper runs where they take advantage of the high oxygen content and more stable water temperatures.  It’s in these spots where we tend to find larger than average fish concentrated and have opportunities to land some fat cutthroat looking for their last meal before water temperatures plummet and insect life goes dormant for the winter.  It is also the tail end of the tourist season, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery without the hordes of people.  If you’re in the area and want to enjoy a beautiful fall day wetting a line around Glacier National Park, feel free to stop into Glacier Outdoor Center or book one of our guides to take you on the river.

Check out our Flathead River fishing report here for the latest conditions!

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