Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Glacier Park Serves up Epic Sunscapes… With a Side of Falling Mercury

When I pulled into the parking lot  of the Glacier Outdoor Center at 7:30 on Monday morning I was greeted by breathtaking sunrise and what appeared to be a malfunctioning thermometer.  As the sun crept toward Apgar Lookout and dazzled the top of Rainbow Peak the mercury seemed to be doing it’s level best to dive in the opposite direction.  -28 degrees was the reading… bone-chilling cold even by Northwest Montana standards.  Though it did crawl a little closer to the zero mark the mercury didn’t do much moving all day.  Tuesday morning was a bit warmer, -15 degrees in Glacier National Park, but still a little on the chilly side.  Today the mercury crested over zero and is likely to skyrocket toward 28 degrees!  All the while the sun has been shining down from a clear and cloudless sky, that we have seen little of this winter, creating amazing contrast between cobalt sky and starched white horizons.

The sunsets over the past two evenings have been a couple for the record books.  The stark white/pink peaks of Glacier reflected in the perfectly still, and partially frozen, surface of Lake McDonald create the kind of backdrop that photographers dream about.  It looks as though Mother Nature will be serving up more of the same tonight.  If it’s within your means I highly recommend a trip toward Glacier Park this evening.  Bring the camera, an extra layer and a thermos full of hot chocolate.  Plant yourself on the beach in Apgar village and watch the mountains change color… you, and your inner Ansel Adams, will not be disappointed.

Photo Courtesy of Glacier National Park

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